Relief Breaks for Dogs and Cats

Relief Breaks

Some pets for a variety of reasons need to be left in the house or backyard, the Relief Break service offers you peace of mind in knowing your pet has been let out to use their bowels and stretch their legs.

A number of Exercise My Pet clients have used this service to let elderly dogs out of their house or allow a cat out for a few hours before their owner returns.


The Relief Break Service is primarily used mid morning or noon. We let your pet out. Check on their water or litter bin. If a short walk is needed it is no more than twenty (20) minutes long. The pet is returned to the house or backyard, made comfortable and a text is sent to the cleint with a brief outline of events.

Check out the pricing page for more details.

Pocket Pets

A relief break maybe a good option for owners of rabbits, hamsters, birds or reptiles. If you just need your pet checked on once a day, some food given and water refreshed this service is for you.


This type of service takes around 20 minutes and a text or video is sent to you with a short explanation of how your pet is. Check out the price page for more details.  





8am-12 noon



ABN: 62 497 159 155


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mobile: 0449944259



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