Terms & Conditions

All the little details you need to know

  1. All pet(s) must be 4 months and over in age.

  2. All pet(s) must be fully vaccinated and registered with the local council in your area.

  3. All pet(s) must have a collar(s) and with name tag(s) including your contact details. 

  4. If you have an aggressive dog this must be disclosed for the health and welfare of other dogs and the walker. 

  5. All information provided to Exercise My Pet about your pet(s) must be accurate.

  6. Exercise My Pet will request details of your vet. In case of emergency Exercise My Pet needs the address to transfer your pet to your local vet. Exercise My Pet will not cover the cost of any vet fee's.

  7. All information provided to Exercise My Pet is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

  8. In the likely event of extreme weather conditions such as:


                  Temperatures higher than 35 degrees 

                  Temperatures lower than 5 degrees


  • Your pet(s) won't be taken for a walk but instead we will check to make sure their comfortable, conduct some grooming, a little playtime and check their food or water levels. Exercise My Pet takes pet care very seriously and won't endanger your pet's health in any way.

  • If during the course of Pet Minding Service the allotted food potion runs short Exercise My Pet will purchase more food. This will be charged to your account and receipts provided for the customers inspection.

  • Exercise My Pet has the right to refuse service.